Animal Detection System


Keep a Zoo. In your screen.


Employ a smart animal detection system to safeguard your premises, day and night. With an advanced processing algorithm, the system detects a variety of wild animal species and rodents. Intrusion detection feature sends instant alerts to the user if a specific animal (e.g. wild boar, dog, mouse) is detected. Statistical reports are stored in a cloud-based system and can be accessed anytime for a more reliable, secure monitoring.

Problem Statement

You're a nature enthusiast who spends hours trying to spot a wild boar out there. Or you want to safeguard your crop, property, family from rodents. Or you need to process huge amount of data from camera trap imaging. Or you want to study animals' behavior. The system is for you.


Rodents, wildlife detection and behavior monitoring has never been easier. A cutting-edge AI-powered technology that eliminates invaluable information, and automatically processes and stores records on wild animal species in a web-based application. To significantly reduce work while preserving accuracy. Instant notifications for immediate action. Periodic reports to keep you informed and updated.

Kodifly Clients


Automated and reliable

Animal Detection 24/7

Wild boars, dogs, cats, rats, mice, porcupines, etc

Live-stream and detection alerts

Receive instant, EOD, periodic notifications

Client Cases

Wildlife preservation through image recognition

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Environmental Education Centre (LFSEEC) ii) LFSEEC explores and promotes environmental sustainability and preservation. Through our animal detection system, the center is now able to reduce employee workload and process thousands of images within seconds, tracking the behavior of wild animal species.

Application Scenarios

Where to use

Application Scenario

Rodent detection & behavior study

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