Kodifly Ignites Innovation with HKTDC Start-up Express


 August 30, 2023

Kodifly Ignites Innovation with HKTDC Start-up Express

Our co-founder, Muhammad Saad Shahid Anwel, recently showcased Kodifly's cutting-edge independent R&D technology at the HKTDC Start-up Express pitching session. 

The Hong Kong Trade and Development Council’s (HKTDC) Start-Up provides a platform for visionary and innovative start-ups to build critical connections, explore new markets, seek funding partners, and enhance brand awareness.

Kodifly, as one of the 10 proud winners of the HKTDC entrepreneurship program, specializes in the development of 3D point cloud segmentation and digital twin models using AI-driven analytics, such as computer vision technology and machine algorithms, to detect real-time anomalies and provide immediate actionable insights. Based in Hong Kong, our team of innovative professionals combines the latest travel and transport AI core technologies to accelerate smart transformation in cities worldwide.

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Our Journey to the Entrepreneurial World:

Supported by innovative incubators such as The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, and Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence (HKAI) laboratory, Kodifly successfully launched the SpatialSense system. This spatial sensing AI core technology combines laser detection, LiDAR, and camera sensors to provide efficient real-time analysis solutions, deployable across various industries, including railways, construction sites, transport, and infrastructure.

"Our entrepreneurial journey began at The University of Hong Kong, where our founding teams first met. We founded Kodifly as a technology company specializing in LiDAR technology to promote smart cities. Hong Kong was the perfect platform to launch our business and become our primary market," explained Kodifly co-founder Henry Wong.

Wong joined forces with co-founders Muhammad Saad Shahid Anwel and Lawrence Wong, and together they formed Kodifly. Their shared passion for leveraging technology to promote the development of smart cities led them to seek assistance from two PhDs at HKU to develop the SpatialSense system.

SpatialSense at a Glance

Kodifly's SpatialSense system is a testament to their unparalleled expertise in amalgamating LiDAR and AI technology. Through advanced machine learning and data analysis technology, it accurately gauges the distance, volume, and precise location of objects. Furthermore, it thoroughly analyzes the potential hazards around track and driving conditions.

According to Wong, fallen trees lead to over 400 train accidents a year in Britain, causing up to €100 million in damages. Kodifly's technology eliminates this issue, as it can easily be installed on the front of trains and, through LiDAR technology, instantaneously calculate the distance and shape of objects by emitting laser beams and measuring the reflected signals.

Kodifly Continues to Progress: Other Achievements and Collaborative Ventures

To further promote Kodifly's exceptional technology and Hong Kong's scientific research capabilities, Kodifly participated in the sixth edition of the Startup Express program, gaining valuable experience in marketing, product development, and financial management.

With an impressive win at the HKTDC - Kodifly had the opportunity to exhibit in the 8th Belt and Road Summit from 13-14th of September 2023.

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With plans to raise US$3 million for seed financing, the company aims to bolster its R&D capabilities and undertake market exploration in the highly acclaimed Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Collaborative Excellence: Diverse Innovators Unite

Kodifly's international team comprises members from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, with expertise spanning mechanical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, civil engineering, and logistics engineering. The company currently employs over 10 individuals in Hong Kong and has established an R&D office in Pakistan.

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Uncover insights from our co-founder, Muhammad Saad Shahid Anwel, as he unveils Kodifly's cutting-edge independent R&D technology at the HKTDC Start-up Express pitching session.

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