Video Analytics: Vehicle Queue Monitoring System by Kodfily

Video Analytics

 September 28, 2022

Video Analytics: Vehicle Queue Monitoring System by Kodfily

Manual queue monitoring is a time and resource consuming process that is prone to human errors and miscalculations.

Kodifly’s Vehicle Queue Monitoring system uses computer vision to generate actionable insights from video camera streams. It analyzes the traffic, calculates the number of vehicles in the predefined areas, conducts classification (taxi, public bus, private car), and notifies the User of specific scenarios. For instance, the User receives an SMS/Email alert if the queue exceeds 20 vehicles. The system also displays the real-time and accumulated statistics in a web-based dashboard, tailored to the User’s needs.

The Video Analytics system can be implemented in various locations that include vehicle traffic, such as Car Parks, Tunnels, Gas Stations, Highways, etc.

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Take a look at how Kodifly can optimise roadside operations by providing a Vehicle Queue Monitoring System!

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